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Maverick Pizza

Posted on 2014/06/09 22:16:11 (June 2014).

[Tuesday 3rd June 2014]
Went to try the new pizza place on Buckinham Palace Road with Simon for lunch today. I don't see Simon nearly enough since we've been working for the same company again (the third time that's been the case!) - frustratingly he's not in the same building as me, and it seems all too easy for us both to just go about our daily routines and never bump into each other.

So it was good to have any old excuse to catch up. The pizza was actually not bad too - nice to have another alternative lunch option.

Picked Erika up from nursery again, and took her home and fed her (rather lazily a sort of ready meal today - it would have gone out of date otherwise!), and spent a while playing with a pirate eye patch which had been a free gift on one of those magazines for toddlers I got for her.

Chie got back from her trip to Berlin before Erika's bed time, which was really nice. Chie brought a pretzel back for me, which Erika then proceeded to debag and eat a fair amount of.

I wasn't really in the mood for cooking so I ordered in Chinese takeaway for me and Chie, which we ate after Erika went to bed.

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