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St. James's with Andy and Erika

Posted on 2014/06/09 21:51:47 (June 2014).

[Saturday 31st May 2014]
Chie and Erika went round to see Ai-san and Kai-kun in the morning, and so I was left to my own devices to do some shopping. I headed to Jermyn Street with the intention of buying some new shirts, and after pretty thoroughly perusing just about every shirt shop on the street eventually settled on Charles "cheap and cheerful" Tyrwhitt. Also popped into Fortnum and Mason while I was in that neck of the woods.

Went back to the flat for lunch, and en route received an email from Andy who wanted to retrieve the luggage he'd left with me last weekend, as he'd be heading on to France the next day. So I headed out again shortly after lunch to meet him at my office, where I'd stored the bags.

It seemed a waste to just hand over the bags and wave him off so we went for a drink at the Cask and Glass, after which we then had to meet up with Chie who was going to the optician, at which point we swapped over and I looked after Erika for the remainder of the afternoon. Still though Andy didn't need to be anywhere any time soon, so slightly oddly Erika came along with us to a couple of pubs - it ended being the two Red Lions back in St. James's (as it happens Andy also needed to go to Charles Tyrwhitt). We stood outside at both places, so Erika could have a bit of a wander around which hopefully meant she wasn't completely bored.

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