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Mum in London

Posted on 2014/05/26 13:30:20 (May 2014).

[Saturday 24th May 2014]
Mum came to London for the day today.

She started off her day by heading down to Tooting, of all places. We'd initially considered going down to meet her there for lunch, but on closer inspection the only restaurants in that neck of the woods which sounded appealing were Indian, and on a previous trip I remember Mum saying she didn't really like the idea of having spicy food for lunch.

So instead we thought we'd try something a bit different, and went to a Portuguese restaurant in Stockwell. Whilst I generally like the idea of constantly trying lots of different international cuisines when Mum comes to visit, I can't really pretend this was a particularly successful instance. The place we went to mentioned on their website they had vegetarian options, but once we actually got to the restaurant the waiter responded to this query with a rather indifferent shrug. I'm not really sure what it was that they served me in the end, it apparently involved tofu, and very quickly got very boring. Mum didn't particularly enjoy her meal either.

After that we headed back in the direction of SW1, and on a bit of a whim I decided we should take Mum on a tour of Westminster Abbey - as a resident I have a card to get in for free, and so I had meant to go back for a second wander round, and had never quite got around to it until now. That made for a pleasant afternoon distraction.

Went back to the flat after that, where Mum spent the time playing with Erika, whilst I knocked up a light dinner - to continue the unusual international cuisine theme I made an Indonesian curry.

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