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Posted on 2014/05/11 22:40:22 (May 2014).

[Sunday 11th May 2014]
I was still quite tired after my trip, and slept quite late this morning, which became a bit of a bone of contention as it meant Chie was looking after Erika and therefore didn't have a lie in. She did not seem in a very good mood this morning.

To try and give Chie a break I took Erika out for most of the afternoon. I went for lunch at the Pizza Express on Millbank, we've often walked past but (not really liking Pizza Express) have never been in before. It has quite a large dining room though, which is usually almost entirely empty, and I thought it would be a good place to take Erika and not have to worry about disturbing other people if she became a bit unruly. As it happens though I needn't have worried, she slept through lunch. My pizza was not very good.

After that we went to our favourite playground, by the Houses of Parliament, and Erika had a play and a late lunch there. Then we headed to the Little Waitrose where I lazily bought ready made roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings for dinner. Made cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce to go with it, which came out rather well - Erika particularly enjoyed it.

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