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Escape from New York

Posted on 2014/05/11 22:33:08 (May 2014).

[Friday 9th May 2014]
I had a 7am flight from Newark airport in the morning, which meant I needed to leave my hotel by 5 to be on the safe side. I felt like aI barely slept, and just seemed to pointlessly lay awake all night worrying about oversleeping.

I'd originally booked to be in premium economy on the way back, as I'd bought the flight using air miles, and there wasn't any availability in upper for a mileage flight. The prospect of slumming it in premium was rather off putting, so on arrival at the airport asked if I could upgrade using cash or miles. To upgrade using cash was going to cost $2000. Or, ridiculously, despite having essentially no air miles I could buy the additional miles I'd need for about 200 and upgrade that way. I despair at airlines pricing structures sometimes.

Used the lounge very briefly - surprised myself by ordering Eggs Florentine (albeit with scrambled rather than a poached egg) since it was the only thing other than cereal on the menu which was vegetarian.

It was a very quiet flight back to London, watched a couple more films including part 2 of the Hobbit (it really isn't as good as Lord of the Rings was, is it?).

On arrival at Heathrow I pretty much ran through the airport and made it past security and immigration in record time, as I really wanted to get back home before Erika went to sleep. In the end I didn't make it - both the Heathrow Express and then the tube conspired together to slow my journey onwards from the airport. Still I was at least greeted on my return to the flat by a dozing little princess. Even though it had only been three nights away I had really missed her.

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