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Thursday in New York

Posted on 2014/05/11 22:33:08 (May 2014).

[Thursday 8th May 2014]
As the original purpose of this trip had sort of turned out to no longer be that much of a going concern, it was convenient that the second day I was here coincided with the first day of a summit for the new project I was getting involved in. So I spent most of the daytime in meetings about that.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we headed out to Williamsburg for a field test of the prototype we're working on. In other words we went to a couple of cocktail bars loosely in the name of work. The first cocktail bar had a much more respectable vermouth (Cocchi) than my hotel bar last night.

A smaller group of us (including my former manager who although not involved in my new project had popped by to say hello) headed back to Manhattan a little after 8 for a rather involved dinner at a vegetarian Japanese restaurant called Kajitsu. Therein we had the omakase (chef's selection) tasting menu which ran to about 8 courses and seemingly a hundred or more different ingredients. To be honest I was a bit too tired to fully appreciate it, and particularly towards the end I found myself hoping each course would be the last, so I could get back to my hotel and get some sleep - as I had a very early start the next morning.

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