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Chie's Birthday

Posted on 2014/05/11 22:32:18 (May 2014).

[Sunday 4th May 2014]
Opened presents in the morning, and then for lunch went out into the gardens for a Lebanese picnic, with a bottle of Waitrose Champagne they'd given us as a gift a while back for being good customers, or something like that. Picnics seem to be a great compromise with Erika at the moment, as she's not all that keen on just sitting still during a meal, so in between mouthfuls she can have a little explore around, and, assuming she doesn't wander too far off, we can just relax and get on with eating and drinking.

Later in the afternoon I took Erika out for a bit of a stroll to help her get to sleep, and so Chie could have a bit of a break. I had assumed she would fall asleep as soon as we started moving, but she still seemed wide awake, so we first went to the playground by the Houses of Parliament, hoping that might tire her out a bit, but instead it seemed to make her hungry. Having not brought any snacks with me I had to make an emergency stop at the little Tesco in Westminster, after which we continued our stroll. We took in Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square, and eventually Erika fell asleep. Did a bit of shopping at the little Waitrose on Victoria Street then headed home.

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