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Posted on 2014/05/02 22:10:18 (May 2014).

[Wednesday 30th April 2014]
The deadline for entering the "sealed bid" for the flat we'd looked at last week came and went this morning. I'd initially felt quite bullish about the whole thing, but yesterday's revelations about the ridiculous schooling situation made me hesitate, and ultimately we didn't make an increased bid over the initial one at the asking price. So that's another flat we won't be buying then.

I got into a bit of a malaise as a result, and was keen to get out of the office for a bit at lunchtime, so went for a pub lunch with Kyle at the Antelope. That cheered me up a bit.

In the evening I made Japanese food for the girls for dinner, featuring all the usual items - hiyayakko and tamago-yaki (raw tofu and Japanese omelet). It's nice that a lot of the vegetarian friendly components of Japanese cuisine are also well suited to Erika - she loves tofu and also seems to really like the tamago-yaki I make (particularly since I got the special pan for it recently).

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