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Posted on 2014/05/02 22:10:16 (May 2014).

[Thursday 24th April 2014]
My bank gave me a call recently to ask if I'd like to pop into a branch and review my accounts to make sure I was getting the best interest rates etc. I thought I might as well, so went in today and had what turned out to be a longer-than-I-might-have-hoped meeting with one of the managers there. In the end all they did was added .5% interest to my ISA and moved me to their new type of current account which it sounds like I would have been moved to automatically at some point anyway. Not sure either of those things were really worth the 45 minutes I spent there! On the plus side though, it was nice to hear lots of flattery about what a good customer I am, and they even showed me my credit rating on the screen (apparently very good!).

Comment 1

I presume you credited the right person for your upbringing with money matters? Can't say I remember my ears burning on that day.

Posted by John's Mum at 2014/05/03 18:41:46.

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