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Kentish Town

Posted on 2014/05/02 22:10:16 (May 2014).

[Wednesday 23rd April 2014]
We are currently revisiting the now very weary issue of buying a property somewhere, and recently for various reasons we've been quite strongly considering Kentish Town (my office is due to move to Kings Cross in a year or two, and North London in general is generally quite pleasant).

At lunchtime today we popped out for a flat viewing in "K-Town" (as apparently some of the locals call it). It was pleasing to see the market here is not quite as frenzied as it is in Pimlico - the estate agent told us there were about 10 people viewing the property in total, to which my reply was "oh, only 10?".

We liked the flat sufficiently that we put an offer on it the next day, at the asking price, but in London now the asking price is just the starting point for the bidding.

After the viewing Chie and I went for a quick lunch at a burger shack (quite literally a shack) called "Dirty Burger". By coincidence I had noticed the other branch in this chain-of-two is in Vauxhall, and it had caught my eye when we were there on Monday. I had the "Dirty Cop Out", their veggie offering, a portobello mushroom in a bun. This was actually quite tasty - probably largely due to the very garlicky mayonnaise - but was very awkward to eat. On my return to the office I ate mints furiously in an attempt to disguise the smell.

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