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Vauxhall City Farm

Posted on 2014/05/02 22:10:15 (May 2014).

[Monday 21st April 2014]
Met up with Chie's friend Ayaka-san and her daughter, and went for a picnic in Vauxhall, of all places. Chie wanted to go to Vauxhall City Farm, but on arrival we discovered it was "closed" - although that doesn't really mean much here since most of the animal closures are just in the park anyway, so you can see the majority of the animals regardless.

Erika does not actually seem to like getting close to live animals. She seems philosophically interested in the idea of sheep, likes a couple of her toys which are sheep, and enjoys pointing them out in books, and making baa baa noises. However when it comes to the real thing she is quite determined to keep her distance.

Our picnic in the park beside the farm was cut short as it started raining - quite heavily - so we made a dash for Vauxhall station. I then got the tube to Victoria and went into my office for a few hours in the afternoon, to get a bit of work done, and have an important meeting - with my new manager, who is based in the US, and wasn't aware today was a national holiday here. I didn't like to say anything.

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