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Lebanese Picnic

Posted on 2014/04/18 07:31:42 (April 2014).

[Sunday 13th April 2014]
Erika still had a rather persistent cough which wouldn't budge, and was effecting her (and therefore our) sleep, so in the morning Chie took her to the weekend walk-in clinic. Yet again they said they thought it might have turned into a bit of a chest infection, so yet again she was prescribed a course of antibiotics.

After that, not unlike yesterday, Erika fell asleep, so we thought we'd try again to go for that leisurely lunch. Chie decided she fancied Noura, so we got there just after midday, and just as we walked through the door Erika woke up again. We felt rather crestfallen - and considered just leaving without ordering anything - but eventually it occurred to me they probably did takeaway. So we actually ordered the same things we would have ordered anyway, but to take away, and sat and ate our lunch in the little park in front of Noura. This was great as it meant Erika could just wander around the park, and if she made any noise we wouldn't be disturbing anyone. We still had to get up a couple of times as she attempted to wander out of the park onto the road, but overall it actually made for quite a pleasant impromptu picnic. It was rather lovely to see Erika wandering around in her carefree many whilst casually nibbling on a cheese sambousek.

After lunch, satisfied she hadn't missed out on anything, Erika promptly fell asleep again. We want for a wander through Belgravia, did a bit of shopping at Waitrose, then treated ourself to some ice cream at Olivogelo - the gelateria from the owner of my favourite pizzeria, Oliveto.

In the evening I made moussaka for dinner, which we ate with bits of the leftovers from our Lebanese lunch (where we'd ended up getting enough food for four people).

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