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Erika Ill Again

Posted on 2014/04/12 07:54:22 (April 2014).

[Wednesday 9th April 2014]
Poor little Erika has had a pretty rough time of it the past couple of months - she seems to just be constantly getting ill. She was sick again last night (although it seemed more like a one off than last week's stomach bug) and had a fever this morning. So we thought we'd better keep her off nursery. There was some friction between Chie and I over who would stay home to look after her - it's not that we mind spending the time with her of course, but we both feel a bit stressed by the amount of time at work we're losing because she keeps getting ill. Not Erika's fault of course - being at nursery is pretty much like spending four days a week at a germ warfare research facility.

So the compromise today was that I'd stay home in the morning, and we'd swap over at lunchtime (I had a couple of meetings I couldn't easily cancel in the afternoon).

Comment 1

Erika chan netu sagatta youdesune.
Itumo tanosimi ni miteimasu.

Posted by Yoko at 2014/04/12 14:34:20.

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