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Tapas Takeaway

Posted on 2014/04/12 07:54:21 (April 2014).

[Tuesday 8th April 2014]
I think we have pretty much got to the point where we've given up on trying to take Erika out for evening meals in the week - after a day at nursery she's tired and doesn't react well to that kind of noisy environment. It was easier when she was younger and less mobile, but the last couple of times it's been a case of one of us basically holding her still, and attempting to distract her so she doesn't make any noise, whilst the other one of us can rapidly shovel food down so we can leave before she creates a scene. It isn't really much fun, and it certainly isn't very relaxing.

Nonetheless Chie really wanted to eat tapas from our local tapas place this evening, so the solution we came up with was to go and get takeaway from there. We weren't even sure if they did takeaway, but it turns out they do. Whilst the presentation obviously suffers a little from the necessary foil containers, the flavours were all pretty good still, and this actually did seem to be quite a satisfactory compromise.

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