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Sunday in Abergavenny

Posted on 2014/04/12 07:54:20 (April 2014).

[Sunday 6th April 2014]
Not really a very good night's sleep - I'm not sure exactly what the issue was but Erika didn't seem to sleep very well at all, so I was awake from about 4am onwards, and didn't manage to get back to sleep at all.

Spent the remainder of the morning at Vera and Robin's house, trying to drink enough tea to actually stay awake, and also figuring out how to adjust Erika's car seat properly. We'd spent a long time dithering over what to do, now that Erika has outgrown the type of car seats which are easily portable, and in the end had decided just to buy one on Amazone, have it sent to Vera and Robin's house, and just leave it there for whenever we visit.

For lunch we went to the Bear in Crickhowell - we arrived just before midday so had a dining room all to ourselves to begin with, which was actually quite handy as Erika was a bit restless.

After lunch we headed back to Abergavenny and got on the train back to London. Sunday train services back from Wales are often slower than the rest of the week, but today it was particularly bad, and the total journey time from Abergavenny to Paddington was just under four hours (on the way there we'd done it in 2 hours and 20 minutes!). On the plus side most of that journey time was one very slow leg from Newport to London (3 hours 15 minutes or thereabouts) which of course made for a very good excuse to upgrade to first class. I suppose in hindsight it was actually quite a pleasant relaxing journey, just very long.

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