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Lunch with Ali

Posted on 2014/04/02 21:46:11 (April 2014).

[Sunday 30th March 2014]
Continuing with March's very full weekend social calendar, today we had been invited to Welwyn Garden City for lunch with Ali (who was my PhD supervisor) and his family.

Our journey was a little waylaid as Erika had to make her second visit to the doctor of this week (fortunately they have walk-in clinics at the weekend at her doctors surgery) - she seemed to have a spot of conjunctivitis. We picked up the prescription on the way to Welwyn at the Boots in St. Pancras.

The weather was rather lovely again today, so it was a very pleasant afternoon in Welwyn, spent almost entirely in Ali's back garden, where we had a long lazy Lebanese lunch (the alliteration there was not deliberate I promise). Ali's wife had very thoughtfully dug out the toy car their kids had played in, and Erika really enjoyed pottering around the garden in it.

Pretty much as soon as we left Ali's house, Erika fell asleep, and in fact continued to sleep for the entire return journey to London. So when we got to Kings Cross Chie and I decided to have a quick burrito for dinner at the Benito's Hat, on the mezzanine level of the newly redesigned Kings Cross.

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