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Posted on 2014/04/02 21:46:10 (April 2014).

[Saturday 29th March 2014]
Chie's friend Nami-san invited us down to Surrey today, for a pub lunch with her family.

They took us to the Anchor at Wisley, which is in a charming canalside spot. It's a Hall and Woodhouse pub, and they had homity pie on the menu, which was a refreshingly different vegetarian option. Whilst not really like any homity pie I'd had in Devon it was pleasant enough in its own right.

We went for a stroll along the canal after lunch, and, as both of our respective offspring had fallen asleep, returned to the pub for a sit outside and another drink after that. Then back to their house in Woking for a bit, so the girls could have a bit of a play together (Erika particularly liked the slide) before getting the train back into London.

Once back in Town, I headed straight to St. James's to catch Floris on Jermyn Street just before it closed, as Chie had hinted rather strongly that despite my family never having bothered with it, she does in fact expect Mother's Day to be observed. I rewarded myself after this with a quick pint in the Red Lion, then headed over to Rice Wine Shop on Brewer Street to buy supplies (believe it or not we had completely rank out of rice).

Consequently we had Japanese food for dinner I made inari sushi and we had a few bits and pieces to go with it. I'd somewhat rashly picked up a bottle in Rice Wine Shop, an only when we opened it over dinner did I realise I had in fact bought sparkling sake. I don't think I'll make that mistake again.

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