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Al's Birthday Lunch

Posted on 2014/03/23 22:27:20 (March 2014).

[Sunday 23rd March 2014]
Al invited the three of us along for his birthday lunch, which meant towards the end of the morning I first did a quick dash out to Fortnum and Mason to pick up a present. As it happened I got there before the shop part had opened, so had a bit of time to kill, and thought I would treat myself to a late breakfast (I can't really bring myself to use the word "brunch") in the Fountain restaurant. I had Welsh Rarebit and a Panama Esmerelda Especial coffee. Both were reassuringly expensive.

Lunch was at 2pm (and I don't think we actually ate anything until more like 3) at Cote in Hays Galleria - right by the Thames on the south bank. It was actually a fairly small group in the end - apparently Al had planned it "last minute" (I think I'd had an invitation 10 days ago, which isn't really last minute in my book, but still). After lunch we went to Al and Charlotte's temporary digs, a rather swanky riverside apartment with views of Tower Bridge. Charlotte had made Al's birthday cake - a sort of chocolate and orange cake - it was very good.

In the evening back at home we had some ludicrously expensive asparagus for dinner - which I'd picked up from Fortnum and Mason earlier. It was the first English asparagus of the season. Erika seemed to like it.

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