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Mum in London

Posted on 2014/03/23 22:27:20 (March 2014).

[Saturday 22nd March 2014]
Mum came to London to visit us this afternoon.

A bit like last Saturday when Dad and Janie came to visit, since Erika likes to have a pre-lunch nap at weekends, and Chie likes an uninterrupted opportunity to tidy the flat a bit before we have visitors, I again decided to take Erika for a stroll to meet Mum. Mum had decided to head straight for Brixton again as she'd like it so much last time, and so I thought rather unusually I'd try walking from Pimlico to Brixton. As expected, Vauxhall and Stockwell are just not very pleasant, so you couldn't call it a particularly scenic route, but Erika had a nap either way.

Chie joined us in Brixton, and we had lunch at Franco Manca. After that we headed back to Pimlico, and went for a wander round the Tate Britain - apparently Mum hadn't been before. We then retired back to the flat for tea, where we spent the remainder of the afternoon.

We went to Victoria to wave Mum off, stopping off en route at Le Pain Quotidien for a light early evening snack.

For dinner Chie and I had gnocchi with a dolce latte and spinach sauce - it's a long time since I've cooked with blue cheese, and it was rather nice.

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