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Most Expensive Takeaway Ever

Posted on 2014/03/17 21:53:46 (March 2014).

[Monday 17th March 2014]
Yesterday for dinner I'd wanted to eat Indian food but really didn't want to have to cook. However eating out would probably have meant Erika having another ready meal, and that seemed a bit unfair. So we consigned ourselves to eating at home, and since there are no good takeaways near where we live (I've never really understood why that is) I ended up cooking.

As a result tonight I was doubly determined not to cook, but now in the mood for Chinese food. Again there are no good takeaways nearby, and taking Erika out for dinner after she's been at nursery is a bit of a kerfuffle. So my solution this time was to get a bus to Chinatown after leaving work, and pick up food to takeaway from Mr. Kong: the only place I've found in Chinatown which has a dedicated vegetarian menu. Since I'd gone to all that effort I then ordered far more food than we probably really needed. While it was cooking I had just enough time to pop round the corner to the Coach and Horses for a very quick pint.

As I didn't want the food to get cold (plus there was the timing constraint of Erika's bath looming) I got a taxi back home from there. So added to that the fact that I'd ordered a lot of food, and at restaurant prices, that made this probably the most expensive takeaway we've ever had. It was, however, a world apart from the rather pathetic excuse for Chinese food last time we'd had takeaway, delivered from some nasty little place in Kennington.

I'd ordred mock crispy duck to start, after which we were already half full. Then for the main course I'd ordered three dishes: sweet and sour mock pork, bitter melon with bean curd stick and mushrooms in black bean sauce, and mock abalone with Chinese greens. All three were tasty in their own right (although I'm not sure I wanted to eat a lot of the bitter melon), and they made for a really interesting mixture.

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