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Posted on 2014/03/17 21:53:45 (March 2014).

[Saturday 15th March 2014]
Dad and Janie came to visit London today, they'd originally wanted to come at the start of the month, but we'd had something on the 1st, and they'd had something on the 8th, so it ended up being today - on my birthday.

They were due to arrive at Waterloo at midday, so as it was a nice day I took Erika for a stroll in her buggy to go and meet them, and was treated to some very nice views of the houses of parliament en route. We then got a taxi from Waterloo back to the flat as Dad had various perishable/heavy things from Devon he wanted to unload (including clotted cream and cider!).

I'd spent quite a while struggling to decide where to go for lunch today, but eventually somehow or other settled on Korean food at Kimchee in Holborn. So we all got a tube there, and that seemed to be quite successful, despite the inital disappointment that they'd stopped doing the "backban" (set lunch thing) and our waitress being a bit of an oaf.

From there, I thought it might be interesting to take Dad to a hipster coffee shop, so he could see what is going on at the cutting edge of espresso based drinks these days. Fortunately Holborn is now well served for these - and there's not one but two on Leather Lane. That worked well, as Erika had slept through lunch at Kimchee, and this gave us an opportunity for us to feed her and for her to have a bit of a wander round in the street outside the cafe.

We headed back to the flat after that for a bit, and then round 6 went to wave them off at Pimlico.

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