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Day Before Cheltenham

Posted on 2014/03/15 08:42:12 (March 2014).

[Tuesday 11th March 2014]
I took the day off today to give Chie a break (so she could go back to work - yes that really does count as a break!). The day started out pretty badly actually - Erika seemed really hungry, and I mistakenly let myself believe somehow she'd got over the stomach bug and was trying to catch up. After breakfast she kept saying "tato" and doing the sign she does when she's hungry, so I assumed she was trying to tell me she wanted to eat some of the leftover mashed potato from last night's dinner. I gave her that, and then she was sick. I felt pretty terrible.

The rest of the day was actually much better - I made sure to only feed her very small quantities and kept getting her to drink as much as possible.

In the evening I tried on my outfit for tomorrow's outing to the Cheltenham Festival - although at this point I wasn't really 100% sure whether I'd be going or not, as I felt bad about being away, even just for a daytrip, when Erika was ill.

In particular I had wanted to buy a new tie to go with my tweed suit, but with Erika being ill didn't have a chance, so this evening tried to make the best of it with what I already had - in the end I plumped for the cheap naff orange one I'd bought at a 100 yen shop on our last trip to Japan.

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