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Sunny Sunday

Posted on 2014/03/15 08:42:12 (March 2014).

[Sunday 9th March 2014]
Erika seemed a bit better this morning, so we decided to head over to Peter Jones to do some shopping. In addition to the more mundane requisites like a new mattress cover (prompted by Erika's recent, err, activity) we also went to the toy department to look for Lego. Erika would be 18 months tomorrow, and the earliest Duplo sets start from 1 1/2. I'd dutifully held off on buying any until now, but now the combination of an impending half birthday, and the fact she needed a treat to cheer her up a bit meant it seemed like the right time. After a bit of deliberation we chose a little farm set.

As the weather was rather nice, we decided to buy supplies in Waitrose, and have an impromptu picnic in Hyde Park. Chie called her friend Ayaka-san, who joined us there with her little girl. It was all going quite well to begin with, but eventually it became apparent it was still a bit too soon for Erika to be out and about - an emergency outdoor nappy change was necessitated and a short while later she threw up again. We decided at that point to beat a hasty retreat.

Erika was a bit up and down for the rest of the day, but was at least chirpy enough for a while to have a good play with her new Duplo.

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