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Somers Town Coffee House

Posted on 2014/03/15 08:42:08 (March 2014).

[Sunday 2nd March 2014]
I have an ongoing beef (a superbly inapt metaphor) with the vegetarian options at Sunday lunch in most central London pubs. With the exception of entirely vegetarian eateries like the Coach and Horses, pretty much every else I've looked at has offered something entirely ill fitting like a mushroom risotto for Sunday lunch - I unequivocally want roast potatoes, gravy, and some kind of centre piece which goes with those two must haves.

So I was very pleased to see someone else had set up a Twitter account to air this very same gripe, and that led to the discovery of the venue for today's lunch - the Somers Town Coffee House near Euston / Kings Cross / St. Pancras. Despite the presence of the dreaded butternut bloody squash this was overall a very satisfying vegetarian Sunday roast - a sort of big spring roll thing (wherein the offending squash was forgivably concealed) with the all important roast potatoes, some very tasty gravy, and a large Yorkshire. Erika slept through most of it too, so Chie and I were able to eat in peace and quiet.

After leaving the pub we decided to take walk through Somers Town, which, frankly, is not a very pleasant part of London at all. That eventually delivered us into Camden, from where we decided to just get a bus back into the centre of town. Did a little bit of shopping there, and went to the new Illy Cafe near Oxford Circus.

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