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New Camera

Posted on 2014/02/13 09:55:55 (February 2014).

[Tuesday 11th February 2014]
Chie, Erika and I headed into the centre of Hiroshima in the daytime today to do a bit of shopping. Mainly I wanted to get a new camera. All the pictures from the current one had started to look a bit hazy - particularly if I used the zoom at all.

This is probably one of the quickest camera purchases I've ever made - as we had Erika with us I didn't want to spent ages hanging around in the shop, so after some brief deliberation I basically just bought the newer model of the camera I already have - an Ixus (or Ixy as they call them in Japan) something or other.

For lunch we went to "Grazie Gardens" the Italian "famiresu" (family restaurant) Chie and I have historically always been quite fond of. It's interesting how inconsistent my food snobbery can be - I wouldn't be caught dead in a chain Italian restaurant in London now, but somehow in Japan it's OK. Of course part of our excuse now is that it's a bit harder to find child friendly restaurants in Japan. Indeed, this time we even ordered Erika something from the kids menu - a Japanese curry served on an Anpanman plate.

I switched over to my new camera whilst in there, hopefully from today onwards you can see the difference in picture quality.

I felt a bit sleepy after lunch - I don't think I ever fully recovered from jetlag for the whole two weeks of this trip. So as Erika had also dozed off, I took her and sat in a branch of Tully's (again, I wouldn't be seen dead in a chain coffee shop in London, but here there isn't really much of an alternative). I ordered a double espresso followed by a macchiato (both of which seemed to flummox the staff a bit - I don't think many people order coffee which actually tastes of coffee here).

We ended up staying in the centre of Hiroshima for the remainder of the afternoon, until Chie's Mum came to meet us, and we headed for an early dinner at Kura Sushi - the hi tech sushi place I'd enjoyed on our last trip to Japan. Whilst the vegetarian options are unsurprisingly a bit limited (basically tamago, inari sushi and kappamaki) I enjoyed the experience again, perhaps a little more so this time as Erika was able to eat a bit more too.

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