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To Hiroshima

Posted on 2014/02/08 05:45:46 (February 2014).

[Friday 7th February 2014]
Last day working in the Tokyo office of this trip. Again this morning the skies were clear enough for me to see Mt. Fuji over breakfast - surprising really as quite a severe snowstorm was on its way.

Decided to leave the office a bit early so I wouldn't end up arriving in Hiroshima too late - it was a four hour journey on the shinkansen. For a change I thought I'd go from Tokyo station, rather than the usual Shinagawa, figuring as I hadn't yet booked a seat I might have a better chance of getting one here if I ended up having to queue for the unreserved seats, since this is where the service starts. As it happens I was able to get a reserved seat, albeit on a train departing a few minutes later than the one I was originally aiming for.

The journey was a bit boring to be honest, particularly as it was all in the dark so there wasn't much to look at out of the window. It was made slightly more bearable by some beer and sake.

I arrived in Hiroshima around 9, and got a taxi from the station to Chie's parent's house. I was actually quite pleased to discover Erika wasn't asleep yet - Chie had actually gone out for the evening, and apparently she hadn't responded too well to her grandparent's attempts to get her to go to sleep. So this meant I actually got to see her a little bit today, and I was able to take over the job of getting her to go to sleep.

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