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Curry with Andy

Posted on 2014/02/08 05:45:46 (February 2014).

[Thursday 6th February 2014]
I rather wanted a rest this evening, but Andy seemed very persistent in wanting to go out again, and ultimately I caved in. We planned to go out for a curry - my thinking being that start off with dinner might help to curb the risk of any boozy excess. The initial place we'd chosen was full, so instead we went to Moti in Roppongi, where I'd been last year with Chie and Erika. When ordering indian food in the UK I live to have a few different dishes for the sake of variety (and to hedge against the risk of any one dish being a disappointment) - side dishes in particularly are usually priced accordingly as they expect people to do just this. In Japan though it seems to be the norm in Indian restaurants that each person just orders one curry dish with some rice or bread. Things like sag aloo seem to be considered main dishes. Not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket like this I decided this evening to go for a thali, but actually found it a bit of a disappointment - it just meant I ended up with three small curries which weren't quite what I wanted.

Anyway, that aside, we were joined there by Taku - the Canadian/Japanese guy we'd met at the vending machine bar on Monday - Andy had apparently got his business card, and invited him along.

None of us were keen for a night of the sort of calibre we'd had on Monday, so after we'd finished our curries, we just went for a quiet drink at OFFICE, the office themed bar in Gaienmae I've been to a few times before.

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