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Tuesday in Tokyo

Posted on 2014/02/04 14:17:26 (February 2014).

[Tuesday 4th February 2014]
Very tired again today, and decided I should have a much quieter evening this evening to compensate. So I just stayed at the office until about 7:30, then went back to my hotel for a Skype video chat with Chie and Erika. Erika seemed very happy there.

I just popped out briefly in the evening as I had a craving for a veggie burger (I had in fact also eaten dinner at the office, but it was quite a light meal and I was still hungry). After a bit of searching about on the web, I found the Freshness Burger chain have a veggie burger, and there was a branch about a 10 minute walk away. It had been unseasonably warm the first few days of the trip, but today had turned much cooler (in fact it snowed in the afternoon). So the walk there and back was a decidedly frosty one. The actual veggie burger wasn't bad (when is a veggie burger ever great?) but fell foul of the standard problem with veggie burgers: it completely fell apart pretty as soon as I picked it up, and quickly turned into a big mess.

Spent the remainder of the evening getting my blog up to date.

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