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Out with Andy

Posted on 2014/02/04 14:17:26 (February 2014).

[Monday 3rd February 2014]
Unsurprisingly overslept a bit as a result of Erika being awake half the night. I headed off to the office in the morning, and in doing so waved goodbye to the girls - they were heading off to Hiroshima today and I wouldn't see them now until Friday night. I don't really like being away from Erika for more than a few hours now, but I know she'll have a lovely time with her grandparents, and will be very well looked after.

Was quite bleary eyed all day at the office, but managed to get some work done regardless.

In the evening I went for drinks with Andy - we started off in the bar in the building where he works on the other side of Roppongi, then from there proceeded to the Old Imperial Bar at the Imperial Hotel for a couple of cocktails. Then the irresistible lure of the vending machine bar in Yurakucho beckoned, and we essentially spent most of the rest of the evening there. We got talking to lots of people while we were there, including a group of Japanese salarymen, and a Canadian man - who we ended up getting in a taxi to go to another bar somewhere, but then he realised he'd left his bag behind in the vending machine bar, so we went back there instead. It's a demonstrably hard place to leave.

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