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Sunday in Tokyo

Posted on 2014/02/04 14:17:25 (February 2014).

[Sunday 2nd February 2014]
It was obviously a bit naive of us to have any expectation Erika might sleep through the night - she woke up at 1:30am, and we couldn't get her back to sleep again until about 4:30am.

Consequently we all slept until about 2pm - the blinds in the hotel room are perhaps a bit too effective.

Again our original plans for the afternoon had fallen through (lots of people we know in Japan seem to be ill at the moment!). So w went out for a late lunch in Aoyama, at a vegan cafe attached to an Aveda Cosmetics shop. It was OK I suppose. We spent a little while after that ineffectually wandering around trying to find a cafe that would do latte art (how frustrating it is to not have internet access on my mobile now!), before eventually deciding to just head back in the direction of our hotel. It was quite a nice walk actually, through some interesting little backstreets.

In the evening we went out again, for some of Chie's friends from university (Yummipe, Masahi-san and Yuki-san) in a restaurant which had a nice view over Tokyo station - the picturesque side.

I left a bit earlier as Erika had fallen asleep, and I thought I'd be able to just take her back to the hotel and put her to bed. Alas instead she woke up when I got back, and we had another very frustrating night where we couldn't get her to go to sleep for hours. She was making quite a lot of noise too - sometimes singing, other times she'd start crying, and I was quite worried we were annoying other guests at the hotel. Oh well, not much we could do about it really.

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