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Posted on 2014/02/04 12:58:35 (February 2014).

[Thursday 30th January 2014]
Did a bit of last minute shopping today for things to entertain Erika on the flight to Japan tomorrow. We'd spent some time downloading various things for Erika to watch from iPlayer (in particular some episodes of In The Night Garden but it occurred to me today she might not actually be that interested without the sound. So after a quick look on the web to see if toddler headphones were even a thing that existed, I discovered they had some in Argos. Argos was a bit of a revelation today actually - I've generally turned my nose up at it, but found they're actually incredibly convenient as you can order things online and pick them up in store just a few minutes later - perfect for these sorts of last minute requirements. I also picked up for her a Makka Pakka (one of the characters from In The Night Garden - my personal favourite in fact), a sort of drawing pad thing, and a multi headphone adaptor so we could listen tp the same thing at the same time.

As it happened in the end Erika wouldn't keep the headphones on for more than a few seconds, and with all the noise and distractions of the plane didn't seem that keen on watching TV, but anyway, getting the headphones today helped abate the anxiety of having to keep a small child entertained and quiet for 12 soild hours, and I'm sure they'll be useful at some point in the future.

Cobbled together a macaroni cheese for dinner, keen to use up various odds and ends in the fridge and not buy anything new as we'd be flying off the next morning. As always we left at least half our packing to the actual morning we were flying.

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