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Choosing a Tweed Suit

Posted on 2014/02/04 12:58:34 (February 2014).

[Tuesday 28th January 2014]
I had got this rather ridiculous idea into my head that I wanted to get a three piece tweed suit for our upcoming trip to Japan. I'm not really sure of the rationale - Tokyo can hardly be described as rural, and tweed isn't exactly de rigeur in the landing of the rising sun. Nonetheless though, my mind seemed to be set on it.

So around lunchtime I popped down to Fulham, to a shop called Walker Slater, who specialise in tweeds, and carry a pretty good range of ready to wear tweed suits. I initially narrowed it down to something in the brownish or greyish range of the tweed spectrum (I already own a couple of greenish tweed jackets), and based on what they actually had available in my size, quickly whittled it down further to a choice of three - one very restrained grey suit, one rather outlandish checked brown affair and one that was somewhere roughly in the middle. I didn't want anything too plain - what's the point of having a tweed suit if you're not going to stand out at least a bit - but at the same time didn't want to go too overboard either. So I went for the middle option - see tomorrow's entry for a picture. It's a sort of brownish colour with a hint of green, and orange and a fainter dark purple overcheck. What a fun time I had.

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