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Christmas Eve with the Pox

Posted on 2013/12/28 14:13:46 (December 2013).

[Tuesday 24th December 2013]
Chie took Erika to the doctor in the morning. We were supposed to be flying to Japan this coming Friday, and whilst we were pretty certain I wouldn't be able to make the flight, we were still deciding whether or not Chie and Erika might go on without me. So Chie wanted to be sure Erika didn't still have any lingering ear infection left, as that was the sort of thing we thought it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have on a plane. Reassuringly the infection is apparently healing nicely, and so finally it seems like Erika has the all clear - the poor girl had been ill for pretty much two weeks solid.

While Chie was there though, she mentioned to her doctor that I'd contracted chickenpox, and he said if I were one of his patients he definitely would have prescribed anti-virals. Having been told by a doctor at my GP surgery they wouldn't prescribe them for me, whilst a bit irritated by the inconsistency, it seemed one last ditch attempt might be worthwhile. So I phoned my surgery, told them I definitely had chickenpox and asked a doctor to call me back. My own GP called back a couple of hours later and said she'd write the prescription for me without any fuss whatsoever. So that was some good news at least - they're not a magic cure, but they do apparently make chickenpox as an adult much less of an ordeal.

Despite this morale boost I did start to feel gradually worse throughout the day, and so, as predicted, Chie had to take over cooking duties. For some reason I'd got rather stuck on the idea of having spaetzle for dinner, which I regret in hindsight as it turned out to be quite a kerfuffle.

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