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Apoxalypse Part II

Posted on 2013/12/28 14:13:45 (December 2013).

[Monday 23rd December 2013]
Chie went off to work today, and I stayed home to look after Erika.

After waving Chie off in the morning, I went to have a shower and noticed a rather unwelcome Christmas guest had just arrived (or, should I say returned) - chickenpox. I had a few spots mainly around my shoulder, but they were unmistakably the pox.

I didn't feel physically particularly bad for most of the day, but was filled with a quiet sense of dread having read all the horror stories on the web about how bad it is to get it as an adult.

So Erika and I just stayed in all day, partly because I knew I was now infectious, and partly because it wasn't very nice weather.

In the evening we had spaghetti and (soy) meatballs for dinner - I insisted on cooking because, as I said to Chie, it may the last time I'd be able to for a few days. This prediction turned out to be quite accurate.

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