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Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell

Posted on 2013/12/28 14:13:45 (December 2013).

[Sunday 22nd December 2013]
I'd been watching a recording of Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell over the course of this weekend. It had originally come to my attention because it is set entirely in the Coach and Horses in Soho. I suppose I was reminded of it this week because of Peter O' Toole passing away.

As I was given some time off from parenting duties this afternoon, it seemed fitting to pay a visit to the Coach and Horses, which, better still (for me at least) nowadays serves purely vegetarian food. The Sunday roast, despite an initial threat of butternut squash, was actually very good - albeit that the centrepiece I opted for ended up amusingly similar to the lentil moussaka I'd made last night.

The pub was almost empty - perhaps because of the proximity to Christmas (?!) - or maybe it's just not the sort of place people really think to go to in the daytime. Although this remains my favourite pub in Soho, it sadly seems a far cry from the hotbed of eccentricity and low life it was in Jeffrey Bernard's day. Alas we were beset with the same plague of awful festive music you'd find anywhere else - one member of staff opined enthusiastically that "all Christmas music is good by default" and seemed positively jubilant when East 17's "Stay Another Day" started playing. I promptly left at that point.

I wandered around for a bit, thinking I should probably get on with some Christmas shopping or something, but my mood had soured a bit by this point, and so I just bought a couple of books for Erika then headed home.

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