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Posted on 2013/12/19 21:34:47 (December 2013).

[Thursday 19th December 2013]
Although Erika does seem to be getting better day by day - and the spots are clearing nicely - she's still been having high temperatures occasionally, particularly overnight last night. So we decided to take her to the doctor this morning, as the fever with chickenpox is only supposed to last the first couple of days, and she'd had a fever at some point or other on every day since she first got ill.

This time the doctor (a different one to the one we saw on Saturday) said she had an ear infection, and seemed a lot more confident than the one on Saturday, who wasn't really sure about the chest infection. She was still on the course of antibiotics prescribed on Saturday, but today the doctor suggested to stop that and have a short course of stronger antibiotics instead.

I went off to work after that, and did a full day today, which again was a good break from the sanatorium. I felt pretty much completely fine today, perhaps just a twinge of a sore throat now and again, but I'm fairly sure that's on its way out.

I doubt this new course of antibiotics could have had such a quick impact but Erika seemed much better overall today, much less time napping in the daytime, and was walking around a lot more and playing. She was really jolly in the evening when I came back from work too. Still not 100% - she's still having a temperature now and again, but I feel like she's very close now to finally being fully recovered.

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