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Half and Half

Posted on 2013/12/19 21:34:47 (December 2013).

[Wednesday 18th December 2013]
Erika still didn't seem quite well enough to go back to nursery, so today I stayed home in the morning to look after her, and at lunchtime Chie and I swapped over, so I could go to work in the afternoon. I still felt a little bit feverish - or somehow just a bit out of sorts - but the doctor yesterday had said there was no reason I had to stay off work if I felt well enough to go. I was starting to go a bit crazy having barely left the flat for over a week now, and the only trips out I had made were either to the doctor and/or the pharmacy. That plus the fact Erika just seemed to want to sleep all morning, which I was getting a bit worried about, meant I was really glad of the "break" - i.e. an afternoon spent working.

I stayed at the office until just before 7 so, at Chie's suggestion, I could pick up some pizzas for dinner from Oliveto. The lights of Elizabeth street were all very picturesque, but to be honest this year seeing festive things is just making me a bit sad - whilst everyone else is enjoying the run up to Christmas, we're just busy being ill.

We ate our pizza sitting on the floor of the lounge, which was a complete mess. So immediately after dinner we tidied up. Erika definitely seemed to have perked up again this evening, and was much more like her normal self than she had been in the morning. We received a new sort of backpack thing with reins attached today, and she had fun trying that on.

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