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False Start

Posted on 2013/12/19 21:34:46 (December 2013).

[Sunday 15th December 2013]
Only briefly left the flat today - to try and take Erika for a walk around the garden - but she didn't seem at all keen on the idea. I suppose I had an unrealistic expectation that she'd wake up one morning and suddenly be completely better, but I think this week had been really tough for her, and as it panned out it was still going to take a good few days for her to get back to normal. So after that failed attempt to get some fresh air we just stayed in all day. Erika did at least have a few bright spells during the day, and enjoyed playing with the keyboard for a while in the afternoon.

In the evening I started to feel quite unwell - mainly feverish, with a sore throat, and at other times I'd feel really cold and start shivering. I just assumed this was the inevitable onset of me getting chickenpox - having apparently not had it as a child, and having been looking after Erika the last week it seemed inescapable.

Not a very good night's sleep - as though I've had any good night's sleep this week - but this time rather than Erika keeping me awake it was some combination of the fever, shivering, and a sense of dread of what was to come.

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