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Pox Friday

Posted on 2013/12/15 10:31:28 (December 2013).

[Friday 13th December 2013]
Another pretty bad night's sleep, although at least not quite as bad as the previous night had been. Erika looked pretty dreadful when she woke up this morning, the blisters had probably got to their peak at this point - she was really covered in them, some were starting to burst, and she also had still had a very bad runny nose, which, combined with the fact she insisted on sleeping face down meant half of her face was covered encrusted in snot, possibly mixed with pus from some of the blisters. It was pretty horrible. I did my best to clean her up a bit so as not to shock Chie too much when she returned.

It was a great relief when Chie got back home, around 9am, having taken an overnight flight back from Dubai. Erika definitely seemed to noticeably perk up too. So at this point I officially handed over the baton, and got ready to go to work.

I don't think I've ever appreciated being in the office more than I did today, it was a much needed break from the very intense and rather stressful last few days I'd had, and also helped to allay my sense of guilt or whatever it is that I was falling behind on my work.

Also, I got a new phone today - a Nexus 5.

I didn't stay too late at the office, mindful of the fact Chie was probably tired after her overnight flight, and had been thrown straight in at the deep end with Erika, who was still quite ill.

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