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The Pox Cometh

Posted on 2013/12/15 10:21:52 (December 2013).

[Monday 9th December 2013]
Chie flew off to Dubai this morning for a business trip. She'd be away for four nights and it was the first time she'd done so since Erika was born. I have to admit to some apprehension about the whole thing, being sole parent for such a long period. Also there had been the looming threat of a chicken pox outbreak at Erika's nursery, and I'd worried this week might turn into the perfect storm of Erika getting ill, and me having to deal with it all by myself.

Sometimes in this sort of situation I eventually realise I was worrying over nothing, and feel a bit of an idiot as a result. This was not one of those situations.

Erika had a bit of a fever over Sunday night, we'd given her some Calpol and dismissed it thinking/hoping it was just teething or something. I took her to nursery as usual in the morning, but they called in the afternoon to tell me she had a fever, so I went to pick her up a bit early. She had developed one little red spot on her nose, which I again dismissed, not wanting to entertain the possibility it was the dreaded pox.

She wasn't too bad in the evening, I managed to feed her a reasonable amount of dinner (I made mashed potatoes with broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce) as we watched In the Night Garden. She went to bed at a reasonable time with only a moderate amount of fuss, and altogether I felt I was doing quite well...

It wasn't a particularly good night's sleep though - she was feverish again, and in the morning I had an unpleasant surprise awaiting me...

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