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Korean Lunch

Posted on 2013/12/08 17:39:48 (December 2013).

[Sunday 8th December 2013]
Keen as always to sample a cuisine Mum might not have had before when she comes to London, today we decided to have Korean food for lunch. After some initial difficulty finding a Korean restaurant which was actually open for Sunday lunch, we eventually settled on Kimchee in Holborn. As a vegetarian this is the best experience I've ever had of Korean food at a restaurant - they had a vegetarian "set menu" - kind of like a Korean thali or bento I suppose - called a backban. I thought this was really good, even if it did take a while to arrive as it was new on the menu and the chefs were still figuring it out.

After that Chie went off to do some shopping, and I went with Mum to St. Pancras, where we rounded off her visit with a light tea at the little Fortnum and Mason offshoot there, and then waved her off.

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