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Posted on 2013/12/08 17:39:48 (December 2013).

[Thursday 5th December 2013]
Went and got my hair cut this morning (overdue as always) and decided to go back to Briggs in St. James's, where I had a delightful chat with Phillip, the 80 something year old barber.

My manager was in London for a few days this week and so had arranged a "team" outing (me plus the one other engineer still working on the project in London, plus a former team member to make up a table of four) - dinner at the River Cafe.

We started out with a drink at the Sloaney Pony (the White Horse in Parsons Green) - it's only the second time I've been there and I actually quite like the place.

Dinner itself was similar to the last time I'd been there - it's very glamorous and exciting atmosphere and the service was excellent, but I'm not sure anyone quite felt the food was as exquisite as it maybe could be. I went really over the top this time on a terrifyingly expensive main course - tagliarini with 10g of Tuscan white truffles, personally shaved for me by the legendary Ruth Rogers. I can't seem to resist ordering truffles - particularly white truffles - whenever I see them on a menu, they're effectively the pinnacle of gastronomy, particularly as a vegetarian... and yet I always wonder afterwards if it was really worth it.

Anyway, despite the hideous expense I did still enjoy the experience again, everyone in the restaurant just looks so glamorous, and, well, posh.

We rounded off the evening with a pint in the world's smallest bar room, at the Dove, a little further along the Thames. Quite a contrast from the glamour of the River Cafe but very nice nonetheless.

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