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Posted on 2013/12/08 17:38:45 (December 2013).

[Saturday 30th November 2013]
Spent the morning thoroughly tidying the flat, I think somehow this was a reaction to Erika having been ill all week - on some not entirely rational level I wanted to get rid of all the germs. In addition she still had quite a bad cough, so I set about ruthlessly expelling all the dust from our bedroom, where we hardly ever vacuum. My highly domestic morning continued with some laundry, and I have to admit overall I found it all quite satisfying.

I was granted a bit of time off in the afternoon, and headed to St. James's to buy an evening shirt for the upcoming Chap ball. After much deliberation I'd finally settled on Hawes and Curtis, as they seemed to be the only place with the exact combination of slim fit, wing collar, marcella, studs, and in the right neck size and arm length. So finally I had the complete black tie outfit. Whilst I was out I also picked up a bottle of wine for this evening in Berry Brothers and Rudd, and had a very pleasant twilight stroll home taking in St. James's Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Iain and Audra invited us along to a Thanksgiving dinner this evening. I've never been to one before, but it's something I've been mindful of every year for the past few years as a result of working for US based companies (it means a couple of days of peace and quiet!). I was in two minds about whether to go or not to begin with, as Erika still wasn't completely recovered from her week of being quite ill, but I think we were all a bit fed up of having spent so much time stuck at home that the change of scenery seemed like a good idea. I actually quite enjoyed the food - particularly the macaroni cheese - although it seemed a bit strange to have this with a meal which was essentially a roast meal (gravy was involved) but not have any roast potatoes.

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