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East London

Posted on 2013/11/28 05:53:08 (November 2013).

[Tuesday 26th November 2013]
After that particularly bad night last night, I volunteered to take the day off work today and look after Erika, so Chie could have a "break" (i.e. go to work). Erika really didn't seem well enough to go to nursery - besides anything else she isn't sleeping properly (and neither are we) so I just didn't think she had the energy for it. I took her to the doctor in the morning, and he said she'd had a cold which had turned into an ear and chest infection. He prescribed her some antibiotics for it. Fingers crossed it will get better in a few days - we really need at least a half decent night's sleep!

As Andrew was going to be away until the new year, we'd arranged to have some early pre-Christmas / leaving drinks. Despite having not really slept properly the last two nights, and being further tired out by a day spent looking after Erika, I was determined to go along as I felt I needed a break. Chie got back from work at 5:30, we gave Erika a quick bath (we'd skipped this the last couple of evenings as she hadn't seemed well enough) and then I headed out for the evening.

The original plan had involved a cocktail bar which had proved hard to make a reservation at, so in the end we went on a completely different tack and did a short tour of pubs in my favourite part of East London - along the Thames around Rotherhithe and Wapping.

We started with the Angel, and I'd forgotten what an absolute little gem this was - with its three partitioned bars at the front (public, saloon and private), an open fire, and the spectacular river views along to Tower Bridge. I don't think I'd actually been in the evening before, and by night the views are particularly atmospheric.

Next up was the Mayflower, which also really delivered this evening - whilst it doesn't have quite as nice views as the Angel, we'd chosen to eat there, and the food seemed to impress all round.

We rounded off with the Prospect of Whitby, over the river (now so much more convenient with the re-opening of the old East London line in the guise of the Overground line). Again, the views couldn't really top the Angel, but looking out over the water here was very atmospheric, and after we'd finished our pints we took advantage of the little flight of stairs by the side of the pub to get down onto the foreshore.

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