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Posted on 2013/11/15 22:31:15 (November 2013).

[Saturday 9th November 2013]
Mum was out for the daytime at a knitting conference, and as the weather wasn't particularly nice we mostly had a quiet day indoors.

I did venture out for a bit with Erika, just into the gardens, so Erika could have a go at splashing in puddles. I remember really enjoying that kind of simple pleasure as a kid. Erika likes her red wellies, and seemed at least moderately interested in puddles, even though she did the splashing with her hands rather than her feet.

In the evening we met up with Mum at Oxford Circus, which turned out to not be a very good idea, as there was some kind of live music on in Regent's Street, and the surrounding streets were absolutely thronging. That, coupled with the fact the restaurant I'd chosen for tonight's dinner was already full up at just after 6pm (they don't take reservations) set the evening off to a rather bad start. Chie deemed that we should just go back to the Indian place we'd taken Mum to on a previous trip (Roti Chai). I felt this was a bit like admitting defeat, as I always try and find new and interesting places to eat every time Mum comes to London, but equally felt under pressure to get something sorted out as soon as possible, so that's what we did.

The Hakka Chilli Paneer remains a highlight at Roti Chai, despite the fact it is so spicy I can barely eat it.

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