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Double Trouble

Posted on 2013/11/15 22:31:13 (November 2013).

[Saturday 2nd November 2013]
Rather a full day today.

Accordingly, we commenced it with a fortifying breakfast at the Regency. It was particularly busy today - I've never seen such a long queue. After that we thought we might finally claim our right as Westminster residents to free entrance to Westminster Abbey (we just had to apply for a residents card thing) only to discover it was closed to visitors today. So we meandered back home by way of the lovely streets around Smith Square, and popped into the Tate Britain for a coffee. We realised we didn't really have time to actually see any art, as we needed to get back home and tidy up a bit for our visitors this afternoon.

We'd arranged to look after Nina, daughter of a friend of Chie's, so that she and her husband could go out for lunch and go to a musical to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Nina is very close to Erika's age, and similarly half Japanese, half English. Apparently it's the first time she's been left with anyone for any period of time, and she reacted surprisingly well - there were no tantrums whatsoever - she just seemed a bit quiet and glum. I can't really imagine Erika responding so well if the situation were to be reversed!

We spent a while at the library, where the girls did some colouring in (neither of them quite have the dexterity to do this properly yet, so it's more a case of stabbing a piece of paper with some coloured pencils), then back to the flat for a second lunch. For some reason we ended up giving them asparagus, and I felt I had attained a super advanced level of parenting as I fed both of them simultaneously (see picture).

In the evening after Nina had gone home, we felt too tired to cook, and so went for an incredibly quick dinner at Goya.

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