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Posted on 2013/10/13 09:15:51 (October 2013).

[Saturday 12th October 2013]
Took Erika to the doctor in the morning - her surgery runs a walk-in clinic at the weekend which is very convenient. I'm not sure I completely understood what the doctor said, but it seemed she probably had something along the lines of a throat infection. He prescribed her some antibiotics.

Whilst waiting for the prescription to be ready we did a bit of shopping at Sainsbury's, and had elevenses at the little Portuguese deli in Pimlico - a coffee and some custard tarts.

I made leek and potato soup for lunch, thinking it might be nice for Erika as she was feeling poorly, but couldn't really persuade her to eat very much of it.

Went out for another walk later on in the afternoon. It was grey and quite cold sort of a day, and we didn't really have much enthusiasm for being outdoors to be honest, but somehow felt we all needed the fresh air. We just went to Victoria Street, did a tiny bit of shopping, then headed home again, and took Erika for a bit of a stroll around the gardens when we got back. She seemed to have perked up a little bit this afternoon - perhaps the worst of it was already behind her.

I made pesto for dinner, having received a shipment of Twineham Grange from Bookhams yesterday, which we had with some fresh pasta.

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