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Porcini Risotto

Posted on 2013/10/13 09:15:49 (October 2013).

[Wednesday 9th October 2013]
Made porcini risotto for dinner this evening (jut dried porcini, nothing too exciting).

Recently I've been a bit miffed by Sainsbury's having changed the ingredients for their "Italian Hard Cheese" - a Parmesan substitute which was made with a vegetarian rennet. So this meant they no longer sold any vegetarian Parmesan style cheese, which seemed like a step backwards. On the plus side I heard from them via Twitter that they'd go back to using a vegetarian rennet from next spring. I assumed from the speed of their response that other people had similarly questioned them on this issue, and felt reassured that I'm not alone.

In the meantime I used some "Sussex Charmer" for tonight's porcini risotto, which apparently has borrowed some parts of the production method with Parmesan. Although a good cheese in its own right it wasn't really quite hard enough to work properly in the risotto, but I suppose the end result wasn't too bad.

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