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Birling Gap

Posted on 2013/07/23 22:10:57 (July 2013).

[Wednesday 17th July 2013]
What with all the hot weather we've been having recently it seemed a shame to just be stuck in the office all week. To add to that Chie seemed like she could do with a bit of a break from her daily routine of looking after Erika. So I took the day off, and we headed down to the coast.

It's hard to find a really good beach within a short-ish train journey of London, but I recall Birling Gap being at least quite scenic from the time when we walked along the Seven Sisters. So I decided we should head there. We got the train to Eastbourne, and after a bag of chips and some amount of faffing about trying to find when and where the bus went from, got the bus from there to Birling Gap.

The beach at Birling Gap is mostly pebbles, with just a few small sandy patches. I had images before we got there of lazing in the sun as Erika crawled about on the sand in a carefree fashion, but that didn't really materialise. I don't think she really knew what to make of it, and the sun was just a bit too strong today to want to stay out for long. I did dangle her feet in the water a bit, we bought a bucket and spade and just about managed to make a token sandcastle, and then Erika quite proudly carried her new bucket around as we took a look around the rockpools. So perhaps at least a partial success then.

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