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Chap Olympiad

Posted on 2013/07/14 11:15:20 (July 2013).

[Saturday 13th July 2013]
Following last year's very short stint at the Chap Olympiad (as a result of having to go to Canada), this year I was determined to go for a decent amount of time, no matter what. Unsurprising then that fate conspired to have me end up being triple booked today.

In particular I'd noticed in past years that people take their kids along, and this seemed like a good opportunity to do something with Erika, and give Chie a bit of a break for a while at least.

It was tremendous fun as always, and an exceedingly pleasant feeling to be surrounded by other Chappish types.

In the evening, after popping back home briefly to change and help give Erika a bath, I went along to one of the other social occasions I'd been triply booked for (I forget what the third one was now, but it obviously fell by the wayside altogether) - part of Kyle's stag do. Owing to an unfortunate skiing accident earlier in the year, Kyle's stag do had rather unusually been postponed until after he got married.

It was a full day event, with various activities involved, but I just joined for some of the evening - dinner at place called Beagle in Hoxton, and then a drink at a bar near Old Street called "Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes". All very hipstery.

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